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Since 1946 we have worked with bowling centers across the country, supplying scoresheets and bowling related products.  We still provide scoresheets when you need them.  Download the PDF files and fax your order to 973.812.6529, or call us at 973.812.6536 to place your order.
Plastic Telescore Sheets
Open Play Scoresheets
League Paper Scoresheets
Secretary Recaps
Money League Envelopes

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TELESCORES  - 1000 Games per roll
Gold Crown Telescores

Each Roll $345+ S/H


AMF Telescores

Each Roll $365+ S/H

OPEN PAPER  -  2000  sheets per box
Standard 8.5" x 11"
16 Lines

Each Box $140 + S/H


BIG 11" x 12.5"

Each Box $240+ S/H

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