The course, Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning & Management, offers an opportunity to learn, network and exchange ideas in an interactive classroom setting.  The 30-hour program presents a solid foundation for planning events of all types.

 Here's what students have to say about this course:+

"There's a lot to learn in this course if you are serious about being a successful Event Planner - if it wasn't for Cece Peabody's personality, I wouldn't have gotten the pertinent information."

"This course was very informative and is the true definition of professional development.  I am more confident and knowledgeable in my desired field of employment."

" Cece was one of the most amazing instructors I have ever had the opportunity to work under.  She leaves no stone unturned.  I feel extremely satisfied leaving this course with all the knowledge I was given."

"If Cece Peabody taught all of the courses at Brookdale, I would take more."

"Cece was extremely knowledgeable in all areas of class.  Her approach is wonderful.  I feel strong enough to use all these skills in a work environment."

"Cece was the best instructor I think I've had in my educational path.  She gave info that was so helpful and related to real world application.  Her class was exceptional and I would recommend it to all."

"The course is structured very well.  The book is thorough.  Loved the real-life examples which were very thorough and helpful."

"Loved the site selections, learned about budgets, and setting goals and objectives."

"I enjoyed the teamwork, helpful handouts, and on-site hotel visit."

" attention and interest was held the whole course.  Cece has a great way of teaching."

"Informative and Eye-Opening"

"Very Interactive, hands on, and great networking."

"The material presented by the professor was extremely helpful and informatiive. There should be a follow up course."

"Everything was great and informative. We covered a lot of material quickly but it was informative and fun!"

'I loved the handouts and the group projects."

"Class was very well set up - and great just the way it is."

"I enjoyed Cece's knowledge about events.  It was very refreshing to have an instructor that kept my attention."

"I learned much more than I expected."

"I felt empowered after the class.  I felt as though I had been given ALL the tools."


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